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I'm Kevin. I'm someone who has lost someone, but I know Life Is Worth Living.

As with any other, it all begins with a story. On August 8th, 2017, I lost my youngest brother to suicide. Depression had it’s grips on him for years, but he made sure to never show it. Around his passing, all I saw were comments about how they’d never expect HIM to be the one to do something like this. “He was so happy.” 

I think there’s a gap somewhere here. A gap that some people don’t think they can traverse, a gap that some don’t see anyone helping them across, a gap that involves dropping the “armor” and opening up. I want TooDamnSoon to encourage everyone to talk more about their feelings. I want TooDamnSoon to put mental health in the spotlight and begin the discussion. How can I show others that I am here for them in such dark times?

Why is the logo for TooDamnSoon a deer?

When it was my turn to speak at my little brother’s funeral, I stood next to his body looking at those who had gathered to pay their respects. I spoke about depression as feeling lost in the woods and that no matter how deep you thought you were, you must believe that you will make it out. I wanted the logo for this project to symbolize that so I designed the logo with a deer who had antlers that resembled branches.

Kevin Kyser
After losing Ben, there's nothing I wish for more everyday than to let everyone know how important and loved they are.

— Kevin Kyser


Aubrey Rockman
It's been years and I still think about her everyday.

— Aubrey Rockman


Rod Boldt
Everyone here on this earth has their very own story.

— Rod Boldt


Let's start the conversation on mental health.

Believe that a better life is possible.

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